Class Schedule


3:00pm – 5:00pm  Adult Oil Painting Class

* After school program follows public school schedules. We do not open on snow days.
* Certain holidays and winter/spring breaks will be open for an additional fees based on needs.
* Christmas day (12/25/2016) and New Year (1/1/2017) will be closed

About Oil Painting Class

Oil painting is one the oldest methods of painting, most alluring medium and also the toughest of all forms of drawings and paintings. The rich texture and sheer elegance of oil paints enables an artist to create images with delicate blending and fine details. Especially for beginners, oil painting techniques can be daunting and frustrating at times.

Taking an oil painting class can help eliminate the wrong habits and learn the most accurate ways to vastly improve your level of oil painting skills. We also have oil painting classes designed for kids, which emphasizes on learning not only how to grasp the medium but also basic knowledges of arts.

Tailored Oil Painting classes

Our oil painting classes are for children and adults who want to learn oil painting techniques irrespective of their level of abilities. These classes are taught by award winning artist David Dong. We tailor the classes to suit each individual’s skill level. Each student will receive instructions based on their levels and be guided through a clearly defined path to the next level.

For beginners, classes will cover all the basic techniques needed for oil painting such as knowledge of the medium, identifying colors, color mixing techniques, color blending, brush strokes and much more. With step by step lessons, which are most suitable for children, these classes will cover a wide selection of subjects and forms ranging from still life to landscape and portrait. Our oil painting courses are highly structured and comprehensive in nature with a college or high school art portfolio preparation feature to further push students’ skills.

Easy Learning Environment

Oil paints is a difficult medium to work with, so our programs are designed to provide an easy approach for painters of all ages. They can learn at their own pace in a comfortable, friendly and encouraging environment. Each student will be personally guided to improve and enhance their skill sets.