For student seeking art major/school admissions

We specialize in preparing students seeking admission and scholarships in the following art schools

  • – RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
  • – FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)
  • – Parsons the New School
  • – Pratt Institute
  • – SVC NYC (School of Visual Arts NYC)
  • – Cooper Union College

For non art seeking students/majors/schools

Presenting an art portfolio to non art institutes, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc. can highly increase your chance of being admitted.

If you have won art competitions at state or national level, it’s highly recommended that you submit an art portfolio to showcase your artistic talents. In this case, the quality of your art work is very important.

About Portfolio Preparation

An outstanding art portfolio can help your child gain entry into the best national and world art schools and fuel their career advancement down the road. At San Cai Arts, we guide our students to develop their creative skills and talents through our tested art portfolio preparation program. We would help them sharpen their skills and at the same time develop an impressive art portfolio.

Our college portfolio preparation program covers a wide selection of art majors, including but not limited to architecture, fine arts, interior design, fashion design, illustration, animation and graphic design. No matter what major your child chooses, we can help him or her to gain knowledge and skills into the college program of their prospective schools. After the completion of our program, your child will have worked out a comprehensive and impressive art portfolio to be presented to their prospective colleges.

We have years of experience sending our students to top art colleges in US, such as Rhode Island School of Design, FIT, Parsons, Pratt, etc. We also helped our students to receive scholarships from these schools by preparing an art portfolio that impressed their prospective college admission team.

Each of our students will be individually guided to provide them with opportunity to explore their creative inspirations at their own pace. The program usually is a year to a year and half long. With the help of our experienced instructors, your child will create a highly personalized artwork portfolio that speaks volume of their individual vison, ideas and skill sets.

Our art portfolio preparation program starts from teaching students the basic skills of creating arts, such as understanding line, shape, color, color relationships, composition and perspective. The program will cover a variety of art medium such as pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Depending on your child’s needs, we can cover various art styles such as realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstractionism, etc. We will tailor the program to meet each individual student’s requirements so they have a better chance to be accepted into their prospective college program.

Our art school provides a strict but inspiring environment where children are encouraged to find their own styles and likings. We will keenly observe the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We will then customize the program to tackle their weaknesses and amplify their strengths.

At the completion of our program, your child will not only have finished an outstanding portfolio, but they will also have learned so much about art which will benefit them in their future career and life forever.